Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Post

With the market routinely making all time highs is this a good time to start an investing blog? After all, 2008-2011 was a bargain bonanza for investors, 2012 even had a few periods where prices got interesting. 2013? Not so much interesting. Of course we can always pay up for quality, but paying 90 cents for a dollar bill is not quite as fun as buying the same dollar for 50 or 60 cents.

So why start an investing blog now? This blog is about total returns which come from 
  1. Safety - ensuring that your capital is not in peril of permanent impairment
  2. Growth - at least as fast as inflation
  3. Dividends - growing safe income streams over time
Those three goals are as relevant today at market highs as they were at 2009 market lows. In fact, at these prices its harder to ensure safety, achieve growth, and uncover quality dividend yields So the mission of this blog makes sense even at market highs. 

The blog will examine topics for idea generation on investing candidates (screens), investment analysis, analytical tools,  and portfolio management.

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