Sunday, September 14, 2014

High Yield Reads - 9/14/14

Summary of recent stories of interest, sometimes enduring, to investors.

  • A Wealth of Common Sense - "The Best and Worst Things About Investing in Emerging Markets", the growth is there for all to see, but when it comes to picking winners in stocks that is not so easily done "China had by far the highest economic growth rate but also had one of the worst performing stock markets. Mexico, Brazil and South Africa all showed excellent stock returns with only decent economic growth. Other counties, including Turkey and Taiwan, actually showed economic and market performance that were in line with one another
  • Morgan Housel doubts there have been 48,000 "perfect storms" in the last month. Bernstein's shallow risk is an annoyance not deep risk.
  • Microsoft buying Minecraft and Co. Count me as a believer. Continue to be impressed with Nadella. If you go way back to the 80s, Apple's strategy had at its core a focus on kids and school computing. What are smart, creative kids doing today? A lot are crafting. So in a week that saw Apple introduce a device with three shopworn features presented as innovation, Microsoft gains direct access to waves of the next generations to hit computing platforms for decades to come. 
  • John Huber on how to be the best plumber in Bemidji. "The good news is that the stock market is filled with opportunities (10,000 opportunities in the US alone), and most people—if they have the will and the work ethic—can carve out an advantage in some small corner of the market not unlike the one that the best plumbing contractor in that small Minnesota town has." 

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